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1 day, 3 day and annual licenses

A new fishing license sales system is in place in Ohio. There are a few changes to take note of.

Specific information, including Social Security Number, will be required of all anglers before an Ohio fishing license can be issued. See the “New System Requirements” section below for more details. 

1-day, 3-day, and annual fishing licenses can be bought at a license sales agent location or on the Internet at These licenses are printed with a predetermined expiration date, chosen in advance by the angler. 

Anglers will also have the option of buying a “Lake Erie Charter 1-Day Fishing License” that will allow them to purchase the license in advance of their scheduled trip, but wait to validate the license until they are at the dock and know for sure that they are going out that day. To validate the license, anglers sign it and fill in the date once at the dock or on the boat.  If however, the trip gets cancelled, anglers keep the un-validated license until they are able to re-schedule and actually make it out fishing. This license will be available mid-April.

1-day and 3-day fishing licenses will also be available by phone with an additional convenience fee of $5.50. A confirmation number will be provided allowing anglers to fish without a printed license. A toll-free number 1-866-703-1928 can be used to purchase 1-day and 3-day fishing licenses available from 5:00am – midnight daily. This license will be available mid-April.

Previous license buyers that have obtained a Customer Identification Number through the new system will be able to expedite the license purchasing process.

More information is available at

 New System Requirements

The following information that all license buyers, whether buying a 1 day, 3 day, or annual fishing license, need to know:

1)     Buy licenses and permits early to avoid lines. If you choose to visit an outlet rather than buying online, plan ahead. The updated license sales system requires specific information from you depending on what you want to purchase. This process will take longer for each customer at a license agent location. Visit the license agent’s location when you have a few more minutes to spare. You can also obtain a customer identification (ID) number prior to going to the sales agent’s location; see points 2 and 3 for details.  

2)     A customer identification number will be assigned to everyone using the system. This number will be issued to you after you provide the required information for a customer account. Your unique customer ID number will remain the same year after year, anytime you do business with the Ohio Division of Wildlife. A customer card that includes your name and customer ID number can be printed and then laminated for future use. Visit and choose the “Manage Your Customer Account” link to print your card.

3)     Manage your customer account or create one. Every person who is issued a license, permit, stamp, magazine membership, or applies for a controlled hunt/fishing lottery will have a customer account. Your customer account will contain the required information to issue your requested product or service.  Many sportsmen and women already may have a customer account with a customer ID number if they have used their driver’s license to purchase licenses and permits in the past.  Visit and choose the “Manage Your Customer Account” link.

4)     Social Security Numbers (SSN) will be required of all individuals, youth and adult, who plan to buy licenses and permits. Since you are buying a recreational license, the federal government requires the Division of Wildlife to collect your SSN.  Federal Statute 42 requires the SSN of any individual to whom the state issues a recreational hunting or fishing license. When you buy your license you must, by law, also give your full name, date of birth, gender, declaration of residency, mailing address, height, weight, hair color, and eye color.

5)     Know before you go. Don’t assume the place where you bought your license last year is still selling them. Call ahead or check out the list of license agents at Buying online is always an option at

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