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New Michigan Fishing License Fees

Beginning on March 1st, 2014 the Michigan Department of Natural Resources will be implementing a new system for purchasing fishing license that will come with a new fee structure as well. 

Adopted by the Michigan Legislature in late 2013, the new structure has reduced the overall number of licenses thus making purchasing a license more simplified. The most notable changes are the elimination of the restricted annual license and the 24 hour senior licenses, along with major price hike to the non resident annual licenses. The 24 hour fishing license was slated to increase from $7 to $15, but met strong opposition from the Michigan Charter Boat Association and was settled at $10.

According the the Michigan DNR, the increased revenue generated will create improved fishing opportunities through better habitat, increased fish stocking, and better outreach with anglers. Let's hope that is the truth.

A chart outlining individual licenses and fees is below, if you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us or the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.


License Type Current
Fish 24-hour $7.00 $10.00
Fish 72-hour  $21.00 $30.00
Fish All-Species Nonresident Annual $42.00 *$76.00
Fish All-Species Resident Annual $28.00 *$26.00
Fish All-Species Senior Annual (good for residents only) $11.20 *$11.00
Hunt/Fish Combo Nonresident *$266.00
Hunt/Fish Combo Resident *$76.00

*Items include a $1.00 surcharge

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  • New Michigan Fishing License Fees
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